To the Moon and back

There’s something about the sky that makes me feel like the world has got endless possibilities. Not seldom I find myself drifting away in thoughts about life, where I am at the moment and where I’d like to be. Then I start doubting my lifestyle choices having a look around at people I know who are already married, have kids, own a house, car, pet, are richer or thinner. And then I stop and look at the sky, take a deep breath in and tell myself that I have to stay focused. I know that life is not about that. To me, it’s about finding myself and being true to who I am.


I may not know where I’m headed to, but I have a faint pathway. And I have love, for life and people, and most importantly for myself. And I think this can help me move through any sort of anxiety and mild depression I might be feeling at times. I also know that I’m willing to work for my dreams as I’ve done so far but I tend to forget this. And maybe sometimes I do feel afraid, but it’s alright. The more I try to stay the same, the more things seem to change so maybe it’s good to just relax, go with the flow and to what I want to.


Some nights keep me awake, and even though I thought that I was stronger I realise that I don’t have to try to be. It’s fine, people sometimes get it wrong and sometimes get it right – don’t let this affect you more than it should. You don’t need to worry. You’re beautiful and free. And that’s all you need to find yourself. Be good, do good and never take things for granted. And most importantly, enjoy every day and attract positivity in your life. Let your hair down and truly be you, give up on all those negative people and bad energies! Move, travel, dance, sing, cry if you have to! But don’t give up! For now it’s just you, the world and the sky.




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