Letter to my Demons

I love you.

I came across a quote the other day. It goes a little something like this:  “I will never know your life and you will never know mine. And there’s a certain sort of tragedy in that” . I think it’s probably from one of the many blogs I read – and it’s made me think of you.

YOU – the demons in my head who keep playing around in my head. I know you very well, yet I know nothing of you. I miss you, yet I didn’t give you a chance to miss me. You broke my heart, but I broke yours as well. I think of you every day, I want to know your life, yet you’re far and gone and I’m scared. I’m scared you won’t open up to me anymore – like you used to. I’m scared of trivial, meaningless conversations that we might have if we ever get in touch.

I write to you, I have so many things to tell you, so many things to blame you for. Yet I can’t. I can’t blame you for the memories you gave me, for the love, for the incessant feeling of gratitude and spiritual connection, for the education in how to make people tick.

I love you.

Yet you don’t know. Or you do. I’ll never know.

I’ll cherish all those feelings for now. And I thank you. Thank you for allowing me to look back with bittersweet feelings and for sacrificing yourself so that I could find myself.

Life is momentary. And I thank you for giving me some of the best moments of my life.

I love you.



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