When in Worcester…

Bonjour, mes amis!

It’s been a while since my last blog post and I have to say I’ve missed writing – must take that as a good sign! I’ve been through a whirlwind of feelings, with a lot of stress but also excitement and happiness.

We’ve just had an Agent Conference at work, about two weeks ago – also, our first one! – and while so many things could have gone wrong, we pulled together as a team and managed to see it through gracefully and successfully. We have had an amazing feedback from our agents and a lot of things to learn from and change for the next one. However, I won’t be here for the next one as I’ve just got a new job! Oh, the excitement and the angst!

But that’s not what I’m going to write about today. Today, as the weather has gone dark and dreary again, I’m going to take you on a little imaginary trip around sunny Worcester, and share with you some of my favourite places, in case you ever want to visit.

 I have loved Worcester from the very first sleepy glance from the coach, when I first arrived as a student here. It was very typically British and seemed very friendly and cosy.  Five years on and I still love it just as much!

First things first: Coffee! My favourite coffee and breakfast spot: Papa’s café, on New Street. They are an indie shop based in the centre of Worcester with a wide range of freshly prepared food including daily specials. I think they’ve got the best coffee in town and the most amazing fruit and Greek yoghurt pancakes (yum!). My boyfriend and I are regulars – everyone knows us there!


After a hearty breakfast, there’s nothing like a walk in the sun. If you go down Friar Street – one of the oldest streets in Worcester, with lovely historic houses – you can easily get to the Cathedral. I love going to the Cathedral as it’s such an impressive building with such a great architecture and historic heritage. It has been described as possibly the most interesting of all England’s cathedrals, especially architecturally. It was founded it in 680 and during Anglo-Saxon times, it was one of the most important monastic cathedrals in the country. The cathedral was badly damaged in the civil wars, and as a consequence a major programme of rebuilding was required after the Restoration of Charles II.I really is impressive, and if you are a history buff, you’ll surely enjoy your visit.

As you come out of the Cathedral, walk down  to River Severn’s bank. You can sit on a bench or feed the swans or you can walk further up to the Diglis House Hotel – they have the only riverside beer garden in town. You can enjoy a cold drink in the sun or maybe have some food if you’re feeling peckish – they have the best burgers and antipasti platters. Make sure to take your SPF cream with you as you might get sunburnt if you enjoy yourselves too much! 🙂

Once you’ve had your little break, head up to the Diglis docks where you can see all these lovely, colourful boats and keep going until you reach the Worcester canal. This is full of greenery and makes for a lovely walking and cycling route – unless you’ve got hay fever, in which case take some strong antihistamines with you (every single time!).

As you walk down the canal, you’ll notice that there are plenty of bridges and exit paths. I usually like to exit from the canal somewhere quite close to ASDA so that I can go to Mealcheapen Street (or as we call it, the charity shop street) and then into Reindeer Court. This is a nice little courtyard with beautiful independent shops which I love! My favourites are: Fuel clothing (funky brands like Desigual for less), Rock Follies Vintage (as you guessed a vintage shop) and Monkee Business (for all you geeks out there: comic book and memorabilia shop).

To come back full circle, as you exit Reindeer Court on New Street, you’ll find my favourite Mexican restaurant opposite Papa’s café – it’s called Chesters. End the day with some scrumptious Mexican food (careful though, it’s very hot!). The staff there is very friendly and can always recommend a good dish from their traditional Mexican cuisine or their trademark speciality Vegetarian and Vegan food.

This sums up a very nice and laid-back summer day for me in Worcester. I’d love to hear from you – if you’ve been in or live in Worcester – what are your favourite spots in town. Feel free to leave any comments!

panorama river


Cheerio! xx


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