Long ago, her eyes were full of tears. But now…now they gleamed with joy and happiness. One could, however, read it in her stance that she was worried, yet kind and gracious. She was beautiful – the kind of woman who was the most beautiful in her life now, after all those years gone past. She seemed fragile, with her golden hair falling down in waves over her delicate shoulders and contrasting wonderfully with her bright green emerald eyes. She had just finished painting her nails and a drop of the red varnish fell on her dress, transforming into a small flower shape, but she didn’t mind it – she thought it complimented her summery white dress. She was glancing at the old picture she had on the wall with sad eyes, but soon she moved her eyes away and to the window. Now she was looking at the wonderfully blue sea, watching her lover swimming in the breaking waves. She was so in love. And she was smiling.

Taking her straw hat off the table, she put it on and went outside on the beach. The golden sand was slightly tickling her feet and the breeze was so refreshing. The sun was caressing her tanned skin while she sat on his beach towel, waiting longingly for him. She loved to watch him swim. She thought he looked most handsomely when he was coming out of the waves.

And then he saw her. He came to her and took her in his arms – she loved him wrapping his arms around her lovingly while kissing her and letting her taste the sea on his lips. She looked at him. ‘I love you!’ she said to him and kissed him again. He squeezed her in his arms. He loved her as well. She was his now and he was only hers. Forever, just the two of them. They’d wanted this all their lives. At last, they were happy. They could live the rest of their lives here, at the seaside. Just the two of them. Forever…


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