Hiya! I do apologise for being radio silent for the past couple of weeks – it’s just been a bit of a rough patch. Work is going great, but getting used to the commute is a bit of an effort. It has got a lot better now as I’ve put some new music in my playlist and I’ve started to bring my Kindle along on the train ride so the 25-30 mins I spend on the train just fly when I’m captivated in whatever I am reading. I have, for the past month and a bit read the first 3 books of a series called “Girl in the Box”, which you would love if you’re on the geek camp and you like all the Marvel and DC comics and other things of sorts. After finishing those three first books I have decided that I HAVE to read “Me Before You” as I’ve not had the chance to go to the cinema and watch the film – so until it comes out on Blu-ray, the book will have to do. I’m a big fan of reading the book and then watching the film, anyway. I do find the book quite touching, funny and quirky in places and in less than a week I’m halfway through – I almost did not get on my train because I was so captivated by it!

And then it’s been all of this debacle with the EU referendum happening which I’m not going to get into as I’ve lost all the energy to debate this problem. One thing is for sure, I do fear for the future of the UK, both from an economic perspective as well as a humanitarian perspective. But I guess there’s no going back now and we’ll just have to wait and see what will happen. Que sera, sera, right?

However, I’ve not just been moping around not writing anything on here – I have been doing a little photoshoot my good friend Diana ( As you might have gathered from above, I do love reading and I also love watching films (I grew up on the hallways of the cinemas as my mum has always worked in this industry) so there’s no wonder that one of my favourite actresses is Audrey Hepburn. I’ve read and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s so many times and I wish I’d lived in those times, with all the beauty and elegance of the women and the gentlemanly behaviour of men and the way they all dressed in a simple yet fashionable, clean cut and tailored way! So with that in mind, I decided to take a bit of that inspiration and use it in my own way to create my second fashion post of the blog. With no further ado, I’ll leave you to it:











I’m wearing:

Top – TK Maxx (no particular brand)

Denim Jacket – Zara

Trousers – Marks & Spencer

Flats – Lauren (by Ralph Lauren)

Bag – TK Maxx (no particular brand)

Bracelet – Pandora

I’m riding – Victoria Pendleton for Halfords Somerby Bike


So, what do you think? Do you like the style of the ’60s? I’d love to hear from you – to know your opinion on your favourite fashion of the past! Feel free to leave a comment below.

P.S.: Here’s one for the lolz!


Cheerio! x


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