Happy Easter!

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It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not, Easter is always a nice little break to get together with family and friends or just to have some time off work. I think for me, this is the first Easter that I spend with only my other half and not any of our relatives or close ones. So it got me thinking what should we do? We weren’t really in the mood to travel anywhere so we just decided to spend the time we had off for Easter at home. Initially we said that we won’t go crazy about food and making any traditional dishes from home, but then, as I started thinking about this more and more I kind of craved them. And so I decided that why should we only have these deliciousness only when mama cooks it, when – not to blow my own horn here (clearly blowing my own horn here!!) – my mama’s recipes and my cooking go pretty awesome together. 


So today was spent cooking up a storm and thinking back to childhood, having a cheeky little drink and listening to some records that reminded me of dancing with my dad, seeing my grandparents and enjoying time off school as a kid. I also called my mama a few times to make sure I’ve got the recipes right and to brag about how well I’m doing (modest, I know!). I had crisps for breakfast and chocolate eggs for lunch even though there’s loads of food in the house, but it’s Easter so why not? All in all, a very productive day making lots of goodies and reminiscing about celebrating as a child, with my family. Even though my family is somewhat religious, Easter has always been not just about this, but about welcoming the good energy of the sun and the spring and setting a positive outset for the rest of the year.


I send you all positive thoughts and hope you have a bright Easter, filled with happiness, love, laughter and that you spend it with the people you love near you.





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