Happy Easter!

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It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not, Easter is always a nice little break to get together with family and friends or just to have some time off work. I think for me, this is the first Easter that I spend with only my other half and not any of our relatives or close ones. So it got me thinking what should we do? We weren’t really in the mood to travel anywhere so we just decided to spend the time we had off for Easter at home. Initially we said that we won’t go crazy about food and making any traditional dishes from home, but then, as I started thinking about this more and more I kind of craved them. And so I decided that why should we only have these deliciousness only when mama cooks it, when – not to blow my own horn here (clearly blowing my own horn here!!) – my mama’s recipes and my cooking go pretty awesome together.  Continue reading “Happy Easter!”


Fighting the Winter Blues

Now that the festive holiday period is really over – even the sales are almost over, gah! – the cold hard reality of life hits us. I think I’ve been in a sort of denial mood for the last three weeks, thinking that the holiday cheer was still here. Well no it ain’t here anymore! Work, school, uni, you name it, is slowly sucking up your energy and the cold and grey-ish weather makes us feel like we want to cancel the day and go back to sleep. At least the days are starting to get slightly longer, bit by bit… So I have decided to share some of my all time feel-good ways to beat the January and February blues and stay calm, focussed and stress-free (or at least try!). Continue reading “Fighting the Winter Blues”

Dream a little dream

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Happy New Year peeps!

I realise it’s been 2017 for a while now, but I wanted to write this because it’s long overdue. And because I hope to hear your views on this ‘New Year, New Me’ thing, which I personally don’t really care for. I think this is just how glossy magazines gain new readers and increase profits really. But that’s just me. Apart from a couple of years when I did write actual New Year’s Resolutions lists (which clearly went awry and nothing on those lists got done!), I think this is just putting a bit too much pressure on ourselves for the year to come. I believe in dreams and wishes, and I think these should be ingrained deep within your heart and not on a silly list, regardless of when you want these to come true. I do love a good list, but for shopping or people I want to invite to a party, not for my dreams.

Continue reading “Dream a little dream”


Long ago, her eyes were full of tears. But now…now they gleamed with joy and happiness. One could, however, read it in her stance that she was worried, yet kind and gracious. She was beautiful – the kind of woman who was the most beautiful in her life now, after all those years gone past. She seemed fragile, with her golden hair falling down in waves over her delicate shoulders and contrasting wonderfully with her bright green emerald eyes. She had just finished painting her nails and a drop of the red varnish fell on her dress, transforming into a small flower shape, but she didn’t mind it – she thought it complimented her summery white dress. She was glancing at the old picture she had on the wall with sad eyes, but soon she moved her eyes away and to the window. Now she was looking at the wonderfully blue sea, watching her lover swimming in the breaking waves. She was so in love. And she was smiling. Continue reading “L O V E”

Letter to my Demons

I love you.

I came across a quote the other day. It goes a little something like this:  “I will never know your life and you will never know mine. And there’s a certain sort of tragedy in that” . I think it’s probably from one of the many blogs I read – and it’s made me think of you. Continue reading “Letter to my Demons”